School Uniforms



  1. White box-pleated skirt for students of Classes I-V. The pleats must be stitched up to 4" so as to remain in place. The skirt should have a deep hem and be of knee length. It should have loops on the waist band for a red belt

  2. A white blouse with three red buttons

  3. Red calf-length socks and white canvas shoes

  4. Red hair ribbons of reasonable size or a red hair band

  5. A red belt for Class I upwards

  6. Red cotton shorts (poplin) for all

  7. The school logo in the house color on the sleeve for Classes III to V


  1. Children of Classes I & II must have straps on their uniforms. They must wear a red belt, held by the loops on the skirt.

  2. Red cotton shorts are part of the school uniform and must be worn daily to school.


  1. Grey trousers for Classes I-V.

  2. A white blouse, as for the summer

  3. A red factory-knit V-necked cardigan of school pattern, with five buttons

  4. A red blazer with the school crest

  5. A plain red knitted muffler or scarf

NOTE : Socks, cardigans and mufflers must not have any coloured designs on them and they, along with the blazer, must have name tags on them.



  1. A white salwar and kameez with a house colour logo on the sleeve and a red checked bolero

  2. White canvas shoes and white socks

  3. A red hair ribbon or red hair band


In addition to the above :

  1. A red-factory-knit V-necked cardigan of school pattern with five buttons

  2. A red blazer with the school crest

  3. A plain red knitted muffler/scarf

  4. Red woollen socks


  1. The socks, cardigan and muffler must not have any coloured design on them.

  2. The use of jewellery henna/mehandi and makeup is forbidden, maintaining long nails and wearing nail polish are not permitted. A fine can be imposed on the students for flouting the rule.


  1. A red divided skirt with four buttons in the front.

  2. A white blouse with three red buttons. (same as the one already in use)

  3. The school logo in the house colour on the shirt pocket

  4. Red shorts

  5. White canvas shoes and white socks

It is compulsory to wear this school uniform on the following occasions.

  1. For extra classes

  2. For field trips

  3. For inter-school functions

  4. For board examinations