Examination Rules
For K.G. - Class V
  1. No examination will be held in these Classes: K.G. to III; and Classes IV + V will have their Unit Test, Term Exams and the Final Exams.

  2. The pupil's daily progress in oral and written work will be assessed and recorded.

  3. Promotion will be based on the work during the year.

For Classes VI-VIII, XI-XII
  1. The academic year 2016-2017 will be divided into two terms, and examinations will be held at the end of each term.

    1st Terminal Exam (IV-XII) September, 2016
    Pre-board Exam (XII) January, 2017
    Final Examination (IV-XI) February, 2017

  2. Unit tests will be held in all subjects for all classes according to the schedule given in the almanac.

  3. Evaluation (for Classes IV-XI) will be based on a student's continuous academic performance during that year. The weightage allocated to unit tests and examinations are given below:

      XI IX-X
    Unit Tests 20% 40%
    1st Terminal Examination 20%  
    Final Examination 60% 40%

  4. No unit test or exams will be conducted for absentees. If a student is absent for a test or exam, she will be marked zero in it. A unit test is as important as a terminal exam.

  5. Grades will be given in the following areas of learning:

    • Work Experience

    • Physical Education

    • Indian Music

    • Value Education/Catechism

    A student must pass in the above areas of learning in order to be declared passed and promoted.

  6. Students found using unfair means during any unit test or Terminal/Final Examination will be marked zero in that subject. They will also not be eligible for any academic award or the student council. Serious action can be taken against a repetitive defaulter.

  7. A medical certificate stating a severe illness of a student may be accepted and the student exempted from the final examination.

  8. Parents are strongly advised not to send their children to school if they are suffering from a stomach upset, fever or an infectious disease just because the class is having a test/examination. However, a serious view will be taken of those students who regularly absent themselves from unit tests.

    1. The Pre-board Examination is compulsory for class XII and will be conducted on the board pattern. Every student must do these and get a pass percentage in all five subjects if she has to be declared fit for the Board Examination.

    2. Attendance: As per the CBSE circular in September 2008, 75% attendance during the academic year is required and no relaxation of any kind will be granted to a student who does not fulfill the school as well as the board requirements.

For Classes IX and X
  1. Classes IX and X will be assessed as per the scheme of continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) outlined by CBSE. This includes assessment in:

    1. Scholastic areas

    2. Co-scholastic areas

      1. Life skills

      2. Attitude and values

    3. Co-curricular areas

      1. Co-curricular activities

      2. Health and physical education