Indigenous Sports
DURATION: July - October


  • To learn and appreciate indigenous games of different countries
  • To develop students interest towards other cultures and societies
  • To learn how participation in games involving a large number can be done in a disciplined manner
  • Listing popular Indigenous games from various countries
  • Creating and presenting a Slide show about indigenous games
  • Making ropes with different materials
  • Worksheets
  • Learning the rules, regulations and game techniques of two games from each country
  • Discussion and live demonstration during morning assembly
  • Survey
  • Comparative study between games of India and other countries
  • Files, Charts and models giving information about indigenous games
  • Playing an indigenous game - Sports Day demonstration
Learning Outcomes:
  • Development of physical and mental abilities
  • Development of mutual cooperation and respect for rules
  • Urban youth was connected to indigenous culture of their own country as well as other countries
  • Team spirit was imbibed by the students