Student's Article


On 18th December 2012, we went to Mausam Bhavan for a quiz of meteorology, the study of atmosphere and weather. We went with hope that we might bag some position or the other and felt that the questions would be difficult. But when the questions came, we answered most of them confidently and correctly and won the 1st position with a tiebreaker.
Vanjul Kumar (8-A)
Ojasvini Bali( 8-A)
Hibah MIrza(8-B)

ThinkQuest Live 2012

My team and I, spanning the schools Convent Of Jesus And Mary, Springdales School Pusa Road and St.Columba's School made efforts on developing an action plan to tackle water scarcity. Our project was recognized and rewarded by the Oracle Education Foundation as part of the ThinkQuest International Competitions where the Indian team stood second place world-wide.

We took up the issue of water scarcity and inaccessibility of potable water throughout the world. A case study was conducted on the city of New Delhi, and water from different parts of the city was tested for contaminants and concentration of metals. Further, a detailed analysis of the causes of water pollution and the downsides to existing water purification methods was given. The team, as a solution, suggested the use of organic peels to purify water. Experiments were conducted to show that banana peels, coconut husk and potato skins when immersed in water for 24 hours had the ability to purify water to an extent that would make it drinkable. The effectiveness of this solution was enhanced by the fact that it was very affordable, eco friendly and did not require modification. We participated last year too but did not manage to win. However this year, we tried a different project and were successful!

We were invited to the Oracle Headquarters in San Francisco, California to receive our awards and also got the opportunity to take a chaperone along, fully sponsored by Oracle. We earned a place in the spotlight at ThinkQuest Live 2012, our awards event that featured five days of mentoring, learning, excursions and fun.The icing on the cake was undoubtedly the MacBook Air that each of us were given in appreciation of our efforts. Not just was it heart rending but was also a humbling experience, to say the least.
Maria Sitara

The Team:
Maria Sitara (Convent Of Jesus & Mary)
Amrit Mahal (Convent Of Jesus & Mary)
Akanksha Sharma (Convent Of Jesus & Mary)
Paridhi Rustogi (Springdales School, Pusa Road)
Aadya Chawla (Springdales School, Pusa Road)
Brian Moses (St.Columba's School)
Dona Pal (Coach - St.Columba's School)