Clubs Objectives And Activities

The aim of the club is to inculcate among students a love for language and enhance their literary skills.

The club will provide a platform for:

  1. Debating :- To encourage students become orators to display their intellectual and independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence.
  2. Speech and Drama:- To promote communication skills of students and help in team work ,ability to speak and emote before an audience thereby increasing the emotional quotient of the students.
  3. Journalism:- To promote the ability to organize and analyse the available resources and adopt technological advancements to present ideas, creativity and artistically.


Heritage Education interprets the past for the use of the future and recognizes contemporary traditions that affect the present and will influence the future. The club strives to create awareness of the need for preservation of our environment and sustainable use of natural resources. To achieve this aim, it will undertake practical projects such as paper recycling, fire drills, plantation drives, power conservation measures, waste utilization workshops and environmental surveys.


The club aims to teach students to develop skills in needlework, knitting and home management as well as plan, prepare and serve nutritious meals in a hygienic and aesthetic manner.
They will learn to administer First Aid and basic home remedies for injuries and illnesses.


The Community Service Club sensitises students to respond constructively to disparity and injustice in modern society, inculcates socially desirable values such as empathy and co-operation and nurtures the desire of the young to serve the needy. It will undertake projects such as literacy and educational programmes for adults and underprivileged children, field trips, health campaigns, awareness campaigns and mass production of simple articles to generate funds for the needy.


Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is power” General Knowledge contributes to personal enrichment and a better understanding of the world as whole. The quiz club will help foster a desire for knowledge and boost confidence among the children. The children will be taught to use the resources in library and the internet. It will also provide a platform for students to participate in inter school quiz competitions.