Tribal Gallery
DURATION: June - July (Classes VI - VIII)


We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.
~ Jimmy Carter

In today’s world it is important to teach our children to learn about and appreciate racial, ethnic, religious and cultural diversity. With this in mind, the activities for TRIBAL Gallery were planned. The aim was to augment students’ awareness about the condition, beliefs, art and culture, religious practices, healing practices of ethnic groups from around the world.

a. A PowerPoint presentation on the topic ‘Tribes of India’ was shown to the students. This was followed by oral questions and a worksheet.
b. The students researched and collected information about:
       ~ Regions inhabited by the tribes
       ~ Food, clothing, culture and religion of the tribes
c. Students explored the selected tribes and their culture from various parts of the world and did a comparative study . The Tribes selected were Santhals, Gujjars, Khasis from India, Hmong and Akhas from S.E. Asia, Kirghiz from Central Asia
d. Students were given an opportunity to learn about the medicinal plants used by the ethnic groups to cure skin diseases, poisonous bites etc.
e. An exhibition was organized where the students’ research was presented in the form of Calendars, Charts, Models houses, jewellery, herbarium, bookmarks, totems, seals, masks etc.