ISA - Activites
DURATION: April-May (Classes IX and X)


Leaders initiate change. The need today is to create leaders in school, as today’s students are the future leaders.

The aim of this activity was to increase awareness in the students about leaders who made a difference to the world and left their footprints in the sands of time. Awareness about such leaders serves as a source of inspiration for our future generation and also enables them to understand global issues. They not only learn to respect multiple views but also become tolerant and open to new ideas and thoughts.

Through this activity the students were encouraged to be team players. It provided students the opportunity to

a. Take initiative
b. To lead
c. Work in groups
d. Recognize the importance of meeting deadlines
e. Exploit their creativity
f. Acquire knowledge through research
g. Coordination
h. Sensitized them to the importance of freedom and the need to protect it.
i. Help them to understand the need to fight for justice and uphold freedom.

Some of the activities undertaken to achieve this goal were

1. Bulletin board display on world leaders.
2. Paper presentation on the leader who connected people and gave them easy access to information.
3. Dramatization of an important event in the leader’s life.
4. Recitation of famous speeches.
5. Depiction of the struggle of a leader in the form of a collage or cartoon.
6. Slide presentation and talk show about a leader.