Global Mart
DURATION: October - November


  • To create an awareness about the currencies of different countries.
  • To learn about the current exchange rates vis-a-vis the Indian Rupee.
  • To learn converting from one currency to another
  • Learn how the rate fluctuates over a period of time
  • To learn about the history and culture of the countries
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation about the currency and the country
  • Making of currency notes and coins
  • Conversion Worksheet
  • Monetary Quiz
  • Chart and Poster Making
  • Data collection about the conversion rate and drawing graphs for the same
  • Write about the history of the currency
  • Knowledge about the personality on the currency note
  • Map Making
  • Gained knowledge about currencies of different countries and the exchange rates
  • Applied the concept of conversion from one unit to another practically
  • Acquired the skill of shopping and bargaining
  • Learnt how to work effectively in a group
  • Use of ICT for learning and sharing knowledge